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We are looking for new authors, who are wanting to improve their writing craft, build a long-lasting fan base, and learn the basics of publishing. Crimson Edge is proud to follow a traditional publishing model, serving as a stepping stone for authors to help boost their writing careers. Our publications can be found through print-on-demand companies and independent book stores. We have a small team of professionals giving us the benefit to focus on targeting a handful of new submissions per year, as well as the publication of an annual anthology.

Take a look around and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Crimson Edge Press

Welcome to Crimson Edge! We are a small press specializing in Fantasy, Dystopian Fiction, Horror, and Historical Fiction. Please note that we are not a vanity press or a self-publishing company.

The market for reading books has changed drastically and the competition in the publishing world cannot be ignored. As an author, you will find a familial group of writers with an appreciation for creative collaboration. And, readers will discover books that are written with prestige that contends with your favorite bestsellers.

Our Mission

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At Crimson Edge, our mission is to publish quality, progressive fiction to meet the literary needs of readers. 

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